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Personal Care Ingredients

We represent some of the best producers of speciality ingredients, from around the globe, in India.Our associations give us the advantage to bring world class personal care ingredients,to India, catering to varied skin & hair care applications. Our portfolio boasts of a comprehensive range of actives, exotic oils, multi-functionals, butter & waxes and other such products that add significant value during the formulation development process.

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    Our Products

    Csilcare® – Silicone & Blends

    Csilcare silicones & blends used in personal care applications comprise of cylic, linear or organo-functional polydimethylsiloxanes. These molecules have emulsifying,stabilizing and rheology modifying properties imparting soft feel and high spreadability.

    Coscare® - Surfactants & Emulsifier

    Coscare emulsifiers help keep ingredients (such as oil & water) with different properties from separating in a formulation. These emulsifiers work on wide HLB range and are used in many personal care formulations ranging in broad PH values. They are useful for:

    • Prolonged Topical Delivery
    • Enhancing the absorption of skincare ingredients
    • Easy-to-use concentrate that blends well with the end product

    Products from Partners

    Speciality & Basic Actives

    Plant Stem Cell Technology From Vytrus Biotech


    • Vytrus Biotech is a Spanish Biotechnology Company, working in the field of plant stem cell cultures, developing high value added natural active ingredients using plant stem cell technology on an industrial scale through an innovative and unique process in the biotechnology field which harnesses the real power of nature.
    • Bicosome is a versatile new lipid delivery platform, created by Bicosome, a Spanish active manufacturing company. These active encapsules are formed by two different lipid assemblies: internal disc-shaped structures and external bilayer vesicle.Bicosome, when applied is able to modulate the skin’s barrier function without damaging the tissue, targeting specific skin layers and delivering active ingredients where they are needed. Its outer vesicle fuses on the skin surface and the smart disks penetrate selectively through the inter-corneocytes spaces reaching target skin layers.
    • Bitop’s natural stress protection molecules Ectoin® natural and Glycoin® natural are high-quality, multifunctional active ingredients made in Germany, and reflect their extensive scientific expertise and excellent biotechnological manufacturing know-how.
    • Winkey Pharmaceuticals is a leading peptide manufacturer in China, committed to the research, development, production and application for active ingredients, make more active and strive for a better life. Their product lines focus on anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skin-whitening, anti-allergy, eye care, eyelash growth, hair care, lip care, anti-acne, make up, etc.

    Chemical Active Ingredients

    Mention products like alpha rbutin, coscare EAA, ATP etc. – These are basic chemical active ingredients.


    • Panda®Activated Organic Bamboo Series Activated charcoal helps to remove toxin chemicals, dirt & other micro particles from the surface of skin, which helps to achieve a flawless complexion & fight acne. Nowadays, it continues to be promoted as a potent natural treatment.
    • Multifunctional Preservatives, Antioxidants & Emulsifiers
      Cosphatec is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality raw materials for the cosmetics industry; offering natural multifunctional and high-quality preservatives,antioxidants and emulsifiers.

      • Preservatives Free Claim
      • Ecocert / Cosmos Preservatives
      • Active & Functional Ingredients
    • Organic Oils, Butter & Waxes We offer multi-brand organic oils, butters and waxes which come with specific respective benefits.
    • Kupanda’s Exotic African Origin Oils Kupanda is an African/European company that focuses on high-value, esoteric, natural products from various regions in Africa.Their products serve as active and functional ingredients for use in the beauty & personal care, food & beverages industries.
    • Nature Based Surfactants, Chelating Agents & Specialty Emollients

      JARCHEM INC., USA’s innovative offerings include speciality chemicals &oils, natural volcanic clays, alkyl polyglucosides, performance surfactant blends, bio-based chelating agents, natural actives, plant-based alternatives, oleochemicals, inorganic salts, monomers and polymers, and more.


    Silvateam is an Italian company with extremely specialised know how to extract tannins from plants. Tannins are a large, diverse group of polyphenolic compounds found throughout several species in the plant kingdom. Tannins have a protective function in the bark of the roots and stems or any outer layers of plants. They are astringent in nature due to their high polyphenol content. This attribute confers the ability to form strong complexes with proteins, starches, and other macromolecules.

    Silvateam has been following the natural trend, since 1854, of respecting the environment by producing products associated with no pollution, waste, and excess. A worldwide leader, Silvateam researches, manufactures and develops plant-based extracts used for high quality tanned leather, enology, animal nutrition and other industrial applications, for example, chemicals, oil drilling, textiles, and mining.

    P2 Science

    P2 Science, USA is new age chemicals company which has developed technologies for converting renewable feedstocks — including vegetable oils — into high-value, specialty chemicals. These include flavor, fragrance, cosmetics ingredients and specialty materials and bioactives.


    Citropol series of products are biodegradable, biocompatible, and biorenewable:


    Citropol 1A which creates a high-gloss effect on skin with an after-feel defined by slipperiness and an absence of stickiness or tackiness.


    Citropol® F is the first fragrance fixative and carrier with a light odor and can solubilize and present a wide variety of essential oils and fragrance ingredients. Fragrance solutions with Citropol® F provide hydrolytic stability with the benefit of having an immediate and strong initial impression, as well as a controlled release of volatile ingredients over an extendedperiod of time.

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