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Textile Processing Aides

Our broad ranges of textile auxiliaries helps to ensure high performance ona wide variety of cellulosic and synthetic fabrics as well as blends. The entire product range is designed to offer solutions at all the stages of textile wet processing, i.e. pre-treatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, and garment washing.

Trinoscowet® – Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries

Low-foaming solutions that make fabrics ready by removing fats, waxes and dirt that impede further uniform processing. These aides have rapid wetting, are eco-friendly, AlkylphenolEthoxylates (APEO/NPEO) free and Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) approved.

Trinoiron® – Dyeing Treatment

Specific dyeing requirements of complete range of fibers including wool, silk, polyamide, polyesters and other cellulose substrates, need special agents. Our range of formulations is specially prepared keeping in mind the extra care that treatment of fibers needs. All our products are eco-friendly and GOTS approved with excellent leveling and low-foaming properties for uniform distribution of dye and brilliant results.

Trinogen®– Yarn Lubricants

Trinogen series is specially developed for Lubrication and Softening process. It can be applied to cotton and synthetic fabric. It blends to control the friction between the fibres as well as the metal parts with improved Count Strength Product(C.S.P).Also, it brings desirable soft smooth handle (finesse) to the finished substrate.

Trinolube® – Thread Lubricants

Formulated to reduce friction and needle heat on sewing threads, thread lubricant deposits a stainless coating on the thread that cools the needle and prevents thread breakage. These products are developed and designed to support both hot-melt and cold processing using lick roll and dosage pump technology.

Trinosoft® – Non Silicone Finishes

Trinosoft Non-Silicone ranges produces excellent surface feel to all types of fibres, yarn, fabric and garments with minimal yellowing.

Milaniaks® – Silicone Finishes

In the chain of value addition to textiles, silicone has always played a vital role.Our passion for new technology made us to come up with new generation of silicone called Block polymers. Milaniaks enable the technician to weave a story to the fabric and provides a durable softness,smoothness, more absorbent, silky as well as bulky hand feel to all types of fabric.

We do have amino functional silicones to bring extra softness,inner hand feel, and hydrophilic as well as hydrophobic character to the substrate.

Trinotech® – Specialty Finishes

These specialty finishes include products that enhance the aesthetics & functionality of technical textiles. They enhance the performance capabilities of fabrics & yarn or are used in different fields of engineering. These products are also used in medical, upholstery, agrotech, clothtech, sportech&hometech segments of technical textiles.

These finishes prevent growth of bacteria, protect the garments from unpleasant odour and deliver an end product which is environment friendly, healthy and proven to prevent diseases. Our specialty finishes are the optimal solution for your articles and compatible with your application process.

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